Aggregate is a single sized, clean and free draining material.  Primarily used for road surfacing and concrete it can also be used for sub surface drainage, pipe bedding, tank installations, hardstand toppings and around paths/site sheds.

Aggregate treatments include washing for a ‘cleaner’ specification, Emulsion Pre-Coating for spray sealing applications and blending for drainage specifications such as gas/leachate in landfills.

5mm Agg 1

5mm Aggregates

Ideal for pipe embedment, gritting a fatty seal.


7mm Agg 1

7mm Aggregates

Spray sealing aggregate, pipe embedment, decorative and fine mixed concrete.

10mm Agg 1

10mm Aggregates

Spray sealing and concrete aggregate.

14mm Agg 1

14mm Aggregates

Spray sealing and concrete aggregate.

20mm Agg 4

20mm Aggregates

Concrete aggregate and drainage filter media.

40mm Aggregates

This size is more commonly used for drainage filter media.

For any uncommon sizes or blends or additional requirements further please contact our head office.